Palabras de Nelson Domínguez

When Jean Nicot discovered the medicinal use of nicotine to fight the migraine of the Queen of France, he did not imagine all the diatribes against this wonderful plant that is tobacco which, despite all pros and cons, exists for various uses and abuses. Its smoke has suffered all possible condemnations and it seems that all the polluting effects the world suffers from today, came from tobacco.

Smoking is among the pleasures of man of all times, and Cuba has been no exception, even in producing the best tobacco in the world.

Cuban art has been enriched and tobacco has been present in many of its artists. Puldón has turned the residues of this product into fantastic photographic images in which his poetry has been specially represented. This is attested by the different events where his work has been an elegant and distinctive proposal, which uses juxtaposition of the female figure in breathtaking slides masterfully exploiting the smoke element.

I think his eye and lens have already left a highly valuable testimony to history.


Nelson Domínguez